Theory Test

Before you can take a practical test, you must pass the theory test which is in 2 parts. Multiple choice questions and Hazard Perception, where different road situations arrive on the screen. You have to press the mouse when you think a hazard has appeared.

Practical Test.
Before leaving the test centre the examiner will need to see both parts of your driving licence. You will then sign the driving report sheet, to agree that the car is fully insured for you and that the car is in a good roadworthy condition. You will then proceed to the carpark to read a number plate. Then you will be asked two "show me "tell me" questions, which maybe to do with something under the bonnet, or anywhere else on the car.

1.Read number plate from 20 metres for vehicle displaying the new style number plate. 20.5 metres for vehicle displaying old style number plate

2. Show me tell me.
You will be asked to explain how a check would be performed on any two of the following-
(a) Tyres (e) Indicators (h) Steering
(b) Lights, (f) Engine oil (i) Brakes
(c) Reflectors, (g) Coolant (j) Horn
(d) Windscreen Washer Fluid,
We will show you how to do all these correctly. We will prepare you and the car ready for your test.

For wearers of glasses or contact lenses. The law requires that you wear them whenever you are driving, and throughout the test.

3. Your driving test will last around 40 -45 minutes. In this time you will be judged on your driving skills.

You will only get one of the following manoeuvres during the test.

Parallel Park, which will consist of either reverse park around a car or bay parking, turn in the road or reverse around a corner. You will also get an “independent drive which will last about 10 minutes, when the examiner will show you a diagram of what he requires you to do. You then proceed to carry out his instructions on your own. (This is not as difficult as it sounds!)

Test fees for a car-weekdays £62, weekends or Bank Holidays £75,extended tests for disqualified drivers, car, weekdays £124, Saturdays, £150.

The test is not too difficult, only as hard as you want to make it! You must have PMA! POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!